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Owner Assisted Aircraft Maintenance

Have you ever wanted to participate in your aircraft’s maintenance, but were afraid to try? Are the rising costs of flying keeping you on the ground? This illustrated manual is written for mechanically inclined Part 91 pilot owner/operators that are ready to learn more about their aircraft. It describes common maintenance activities that are approved for pilots to perform by the FAA, along with a number of other projects that you might wish to complete under the supervision of a certified mechanic. The book focuses on common single engine aircraft built from the 1940s through today. Whether changing your oil, installing new tires, or checking engine compression this 160 pages of text and photos provides procedures and tips gathered over the past 27 years.

Comments from readers:

"I cannot say enough good things about this book" - Glenn S.

"Got my copy last week. Very Pleased!!! Highly recommend to anyone doing any of their own maintenance." - Chuck B.

"If you are an aircraft owner, you must own this book. Have used it extensively to maintain my C150 and Beech Sundowner. Highly recommended." - Kevin M.

"I got my book today and I must tell you I am very impressed! You have done a wonderful job on the pictures, what is needed, the time it's going to take... I'm sure I'll use this a lot, it really looks good!"Wendell V.

"A must-read, must-have around the hangar. I go to this book anytime I'm considering taking on an owner-assisted maintenance task." - Don S.

"Fly with more understanding and satisfaction. Excellent discussion about a broad range of aircraft maintainence and repair topics . More important is to develop a good relationship with your IA/a&p who will allow you to learn by seeing and doing. Great investment for any aircraft owner/operator." - Mac

"I've only just started reading it, but so far I'm very impressed." - Tim W.

"Great Reference. Easy to read, lots of great tips (e.g., a quick release valve for oil changes that I now have installed on my plane), very well organized by maintenance type, gets right to the point quickly, and has lots of helpful photographs. I'll be making good use of this book for some time to come." - R. Grandstaff

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