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About the Author

Dan MacDonald has been active in aviation since graduating from Colorado State University in 1977. He earned his Private Pilot rating in 1978, and purchased his first airplane after completing a Masters Degree from the University of Minnesota in 1983. He learned the skills of owner assisted aircraft maintenance from a long time aircraft maintenance master, the late Wade Lowry, A&P/IA.

Dan's aviation involvement broadened in the 1990’s through co-ownership of a very active flight school named Alpha Aviation Inc. with his friend Don McDonald.  With up to ten aircraft, each flying 100 hours per month, they performed a 100 hour inspection every three days and an engine overhaul every two months. During this time Dan acquired additional flight ratings including instrument, commercial, multi-engine, flight instructor, and multi-engine flight instructor. Dan currently manages technology for a major international airport.

Dan has owned, operated, and maintained a wide variety of aircraft, including his current 1960 Beechcraft Debonair.

Dan may be available to speak at your aviation event. He can be contacted at